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What is Functional Medicine?

What Is Functional Medicine 

Functional medicine is a model or a systems biology-based approach focusing on identifying and addressing the root cause of any disease. Also known as the patient-centered approach to disease management, it seeks to know why exactly you are ill. With this, you can receive personalized and effective care for all your healthcare needs. 

A provider first spends time gathering your medical history by listening to you. The information gathered is then used to identify the root cause of your illness. This includes triggers like stress, poor nutrition, toxins, and the microbiome. If you want to understand how and why a chronic illness has occurred and how to restore health, functional medicine is for you. 

Why Consider Functional Medicine? 

  • It restores health 

It keeps you healthy not just alive like conventional medicine which is designed to make sure you don’t die. Conventional medicine waits for severe symptoms or an emergency to treat advanced diseases which has nothing to do with improving your health or quality of life. 

  • Personalized Healthcare 

Today, one size fits all medicine doesn’t work. Functional medicine uses genetics and advanced testing combined with listening to your medical story then piecing together a plan that is customized for your body. 

  • Changes your quality of life 

It teaches a person how to listen to his body then tap into your health in different ways. It’s how you live every day that determines your health. After improving your quality of life, it ensures you never forget it. It teaches you how to live well and supports you in maintaining that active lifestyle despite having numerous toxic influences and inputs. 

  • Makes you feel good 

It gets to the root cause of disturbing symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, skin rashes, gas and bloating then eliminates them. It supports the body’s prime function with natural minerals, vitamins, and herbs such that you need fewer procedures and drugs to survive. It helps improve the quality of life from weight, energy, clarity, and immunity. Functional medicine is all about making you feel good now and preparing you for a long and healthy life. 

If you want to make a real change in your life, functional medicine is the way to go. It takes patient-centeredness to a whole new level, restoring health and improving quality of life altogether. 

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