Stretching with a professional can provide numerous benefits for both athletes and individuals looking to improve their flexibility and overall well-being. One of the main advantages of stretching under the guidance of a professional is that they can assess your individual needs and create a customized stretching routine tailored to your specific goals and limitations.
stretching services

What is the service?

Assisted Stretching is an amazing service provided by a Certified Stretch Therapist at ReVive

Science behind stretching:

Our main emphasis is on PNF stretching, which involves using controlled resistance and passive stretches to aid in muscle relaxation and achieve a more profound stretch.

Instead of simply trying to
increase flexibility, PNF focuses on modifying the stretch reflex within the body.

This reflex occurs automatically when a muscle is stretched excessively, causing it to contract as a protective mechanism against injury.

Through gradual adjustments to the stretch reflex, our goal is to enhance your active range
of motion!

At ReVive you have a wonderful opportunity to pair and stack other services with stretching!

Many people like to pair their stretching and massage sessions. A massage can prepare your muscles for stretching. It can also help improve overall body awareness, enhancing the mind-body connection during
your stretching session.

You can also pair a HOCATT session before your stretching session as raising your body temperature is at an advantage with better muscle flexibility, increased blood flow, and improved neuromuscular
coordination, all of which contribute to a safer and more effective stretching session.

When used together, they can complement each other, providing a synergistic effect that promotes healing, relaxation, and improved physical performance.

The frequency of assisted stretching sessions should be tailored to the individual’s goals and
limitations. However, a general guideline is to aim for at least 2-3 sessions a week to maintain and
improve flexibility and range of motion.

Assisted stretching is beneficial for a wide range of individuals:

Individuals with limited flexibility, athletes, those recovering from injuries, older adults, individuals with sedentary lifestyles, those seeking stress relief and relaxation

You will lie down on a massage table, facing up, side lying or down, depending on the stretches being performed by your therapist.

Your choice of upper or lower body stretching.

A full body stretch.

Comfortable clothing that is breathable and stretchy!

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