Treating an Athletic Injury

To achieve a high level of performance, athletes push their bodies to their limits on a regular basis. Of course, this also makes them prone to wear and tear which can lead to injuries. ReVive Integrative Wellness provides expert physical therapy training programs to reduce injuries while improving overall performance.

In addition to helping treat common sports injuries, therapeutic Bodywork or massage can also help improve your strength and flexibility. 

Of course, there are plenty of do-it-yourself remedies for treating minor injuries at home. For example, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers, apply ice to relieve soreness, use compression, or simply rest. 

However, the results of DIY treatments are frequently hit-or-miss and may overlook the root cause of your injuries. 

Our therapists at ReVive Integrative Wellness apply precise, efficient techniques to the trouble spots. Best of all, our professional therapists always prioritize safety! We know when it’s best not to get a massage and how to use massage techniques safely and effectively.

If you’re looking for trained experts in treating an athletic injury, call us today at 325-660 6926 or book an appointment

Let’s look at how our services can help you improve your athletic performance, reduce your risk of injury and treat an athletic injury you have experienced.

Benefits Of Sports Massage For Treating an Athletic Injury

Sports massage can help relieve discomfort and pain caused by strenuous physical activity. In addition to physical relaxation, sports massage can provide multiple psychological and physiological benefits, too! Let’s take a look at some of these. 

Improved Flexibility

Constant training and strenuous sporting activities can cause muscle strain and rigidity in athletes. A massage can enhance performance, increase body flexibility, and ease tense muscles before a competitive match. Massage also improves motion between the bones, making the joints more fluid.

Higher-Quality Relaxation

Athletes who are focused and at ease can excel in competitive sports. At ReVive Integrative Wellness we use specialized relaxation massage therapy techniques that can help the mind reach a meditative state. It can help athletes achieve greater focus and cut through the noise.

Improves Your Blood Circulation

Relaxing your muscles can help your blood pressure rise. This improves the supply of essential nutrients to the muscles. It also helps the body eliminate waste products like lactic acid. Improved blood circulation also hastens recovery and reduces the risk of injury.

Provides Effective Pain Relief

Soft tissues frequently develop muscle tension after vigorous physical activity. Massage therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for acute and chronic pain. ReVive Integrative Wellness’s massage therapy can assist athletes in avoiding pain and injuries that could compromise their overall performance. 

Speeds Up Recovery Time

Massage at ReVive Integrative Wellness helps injured tissues like ligaments and tendons recover faster and heal properly. Our massage therapies can help improve blood circulation while also repairing tissues and muscles damaged during strenuous exercise.

Professional Treatment For Athletic Injuries

Sports massage benefits aren’t just for athletes. Many people believe that only elite athletes should get professional massage therapies. However, studies show that massage benefits everyone.
If you’re looking for world-class professionals who are specialists in treating athletic injuries, get in touch with our team at ReVive Integrative Wellness today. You book an appointment or call us anything at +1 325 660 6926.



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